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Get new clients from Social Media.

When you know HOW to create engaging content, your content will reach tons and tons of new people every month - which means you’ll drive in new customers for your business, AND create TONS of money making opportunities using Social Media.

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"This course has all the social media game you need. Marv you the GOAT at this for real."


"Just had a video hit 2.2 million! Up 20K followers from that 1 video alone! And, got 15 new apps from people applying to the school!"


"This course has taken me to the next level. I started with like 1200 followers, and now I'm at over 30k on IG, and 14k on TikTok. I've had a bunch of videos go viral, I've hosted barber expos, created my own course... man, this is just the beginning."

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✔️ The Confidence And Tools You Need to Help You Stay Consistent On Social Media!

✔️ A Major Shift In Your Overall Mindset, to Help You Overcome Any Struggles Holding You Back, And Make Social Media Easier.

✔️ Mentorship and Coaching to Help Guide You in The Right Direction Whenever You Have Questions, So You Can Be Sure You're Doing Things The Right Way.

Get More Engagement On Your Content.

Enrolling in the course will give you the resources to be able to see an immediate return on your investment. As soon as you start implementing the strategies you learn in the course, you will start seeing results.

Create Content That Gets You More Customers.

If we're going to spend time on Social Media anyway, we might as well make some money from it. This course will teach you exactly how you can be using Social Media as a tool to help you build your clientele directly from your phone.

The Latest Hacks & Strategies That Work.

Whether you're just starting to post content, or you've been posting for a while now... information changes situations. And in this course you will learn the exact strategies that have helped me and so many other successful barbers make money through social media, and grow a following.

What can you expect to learn in this course?

BARRRBERS! After Taking This Course You Will…

✅ Know How To Create Content That Helps You Sell Your Products and Services!

✅ Know What Type Of Content That Will Help You Build A Deeper Connection With Your Followers!

✅ Learn Secret Hacks Used By All The Top Influencers To Instantly Increase Your Engagement!

✅ Get All The Latest Apps and Resources That All The Top Content Creators Use, To Make Your Content Creation Process Easier!

✅ Simple, Yet Very Effective Ways To Attract Potential Customers!

✅ Different Ways to Make Money Using Instagram (Even If You Have A Small Following) So You Can Create Multiple Income Streams!

”Marv! How long is the course?”

This course is a Self-Pace Course, broken down in 6 Modules, that you have unlimited access to for the lifetime of the course!

Social Media is constantly changing and evolving, so I’ve designed the course in a way that allows you to have access to the course so you can keep up with all the changes. *I will be constantly updating the Course Curriculum as needed, as well as sharing any new updates whenever things change!

When you sign up for Full Access, you instantly get access to all the videos included with the program (which you can preview above.) Along with access to tons of extra bonus content included on a members only page, and an opportunity to work closer with me and an amazing community of over 1200 barbers that have enrolled in this course.

**Joining the course will give you the opportunity to access to a private course community page, and access private group chat exclusively available course members only! Members also get an opportunity to join the Course Affiliate Program, where you get an opportunity to get paid for referring people to join the course!


Grow Your Following.

In this course you will learn how to connect and build relationships with the right people for your business, while also learning strategies to increase the overall engagement on your page.

Learn The Latest Stategies Working On Social Media.

Learn the same strategies that have consistently worked for some of the most successful barbers on Social Media, as well as the latest strategies that are currently working, so you can stay ahead of the game.

Take Your Career To The Next Level.

After completing this course, you will have so many helpful tools and strategies, that will help you build relationships, make significant improvements in your career, and level up in life!


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